Ipmasq User's Manual - Dealing with Oddball Networks

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Ipmasq User's Manual - Chapter 3
Dealing with Oddball Networks

An odball network is a network which fails to meet the assumptions ipmasq makes (please see Assumptions, Section 2.3 for more information).

Should ipmasq incorrectly identify interfaces or misclassify them (with respect to being internal or external), create a file /etc/ipmasq/rules/A01interfaces.rul that defines the variables EXTERNAL to contain the name of all your external interfaces (i.e. EXTERNAL="eth0 eth0:0") and INTERNAL containing the names of all interfaces connected to networks you wish to masquerade. Make sure that the loopback interface (lo) appears in neither EXTERNAL or INTERNAL.

Should ipmasq incorrectly determine the IP address, netmask, or peer IP address of an interface, create a file /etc/ipmasq/rules/A01precompute.rul that defines, for all interfaces in EXTERNAL and INTERNAL, the IP address, netmask, and peer IP address. (If you override the .def to change one value, you must specify all values.) The following shows how to define an interface foo0:


Aliased interfaces (i.e. foo0:0) are mangled before being made into variable names. The colon in the interface name is transformed into an underscore.

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