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The Debian Project
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The Debian Project

The Social Contract
Debian's Social Contract is a statement of what the Debian project stands for and what it will do for its members and for its users.

The Debian Free Software Guidelines
The Debian Free Software Guidelines (the DFSG) defines guidelines for determining whether a program is considered "Free Software" (and, by extension, what can be a part of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution).

Debian Participants
A list of people who contribute to the Debian project and what packages they maintain. Also, a map with everyone's location is available.

Debian Weekly News
DWN is a weekly summary of what's happening the Debian community.

Debian Development Resources

Developer's Corner
The Developer's Corner is the nerve center of available resources for Debian development.

Bug Tracking System
The Debian BTS is a publicly viewable system for recording and organizing bugs in the software packaged by Debian. For those interested, you can see my list of outstanding and recently fixed bugs.

Lintian is a tool for checking how well a Debian package complies with Debian policy. Again for the interested, visible is my list of lintian warning and error messages.

Debian Policy
Policy describes the features of a Debian package that makes it a Debian package. This includes the structure and contents of the Debian archive, several design issues of the operating system, as well as technical requirements that each package must satisfy to be included in the distribution.

Debian Java Policy
The Debian Java policy describes how packages will structure themselves in order to make Debian's Java environment seamless and cohesive. Note that this policy is only a proposal at this point in time, but it has the backing of most of the Java maintainers.

Security Information
Information about security holes found in Debian packages. Includes workaround and update information.

Mailing List Archives
The majority of coordination between Debian developers occurs by email. The list archives carry most of this discussion in an easy-to-read threaded format with searchable indicies.

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