September 11, 2004

I Blinded Them With Science!

The GSLUG folks were a great audience today. I talked to them about version control systems. Lots of great questions and bits of hints and tips were passed from one to another. Gotta do it again.

It also turns out that the other speaker was the same person who wrote the HOWTO I used to set up teevee, my MythTV TiVo-alike. It impressed him that I, a died in the wool Debianista, abandoned his Debian-based mythbox in favor of his directions.

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April 17, 2004

LinuxFest Northwest!

Went to LinuxFest Northwest 2004 today. Had a blast, just like last year. A quick summary of the talks I saw:

  • The author of OpenVPN talked about the cryptographic and networking challenges in building virtual private networking systems. He also talked about the advantages in a user space VPN over an IPSec-style solution. Things seem decent enough for me to resurrect my VPN on dedicated firewall project (in my Copious Free Time, of course).
  • Got a bit of background about using VoIP and Asterisk. Having adminned a telephone switch in a past life, and seeing the simplicity at dealing with the VoIP issues, I'm seriously considering shelling out to buy the hardware needed to do the interfacing with good old POTS.
  • Rasmus Lerdorf gave a talk about optimizing PHP. Rather insightful about what kinds of simple things that can be done to cause PHP to drag. It's also rather encouraging the way it is possible to get the valgrind set of tools (kcachegrind in particular) to work with other languages; I immediately thought of how to integrate NJS.
  • An engineer from OSDL talked about their organization and the new 2.6 kernel. Not the most in depth talk, but you've got to give credit to an organization that supports both Linus and Andrew Morton (even if they did misspell Linus' last name on one of their slides).
  • Aaron Seigo from the KDE Project talked about developing KDE applications. From all the nifty tools he showed us, it is apparent they meet at least one of Larry Wall's characteristics of good programmers: laziness.
  • Participated in the obligatory PGP keysigning. Got ten new signatures, and learned a new phrase: key slut. "A person with a large number of signatures on their key." The canonical example that was used was of Benjamin Mako Hill and his (well-signed) key.

I definitely plan on being there next year. Heck, I may gather up enough nerve to volunteer to give a talk. :)

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