March 06, 2004

blogtk 0.9-1-1 is NEW

The ftpmaster have accepted my new BloGTK packages into sid.


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February 23, 2004

Trolling through WNPP

I got bored today, and decided to troll through WNPP looking for either a package to adopt or a program to package. It looks like BloGTK fits the bill.

Plus, the author gave me his blessings for uploading it to Debian.

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January 19, 2004

flexbackup 1.2.1-1 is NEW

Well, after testing my shiny new flexbackup package, I just got done uploading flexbackup to incoming. It's in the ftpmaster's hands now...

Who'da thunk it would have taken an hour or two for my older scsi tape drive to erase a tape. Good thing flexbackup has an option not to erase tapes. :)

Oh, yeah, can't forget to close the ITP...
/me scurries off to frob the bug.

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January 16, 2004

Flexbackup, here we come...

Well, since I used flexbackup for backups at work, and I have been looking for something to use for my personal backups, I've changed an RFP from flexbackup to an ITP, and I should have a working package this weekend.

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