May 20, 2004

My moment of weakness

So this morning, I get a call from the technical staffing firm I've been working with with a build engineer position at The Evil Empire.

Looking back, I find it hard to believe I said I was interested.

Lucky for me, they were looking for someone with more experience with MS products. Imagine that... &shrug;

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May 13, 2004

Pitfalls of Stealing

Turns out that stealing test cases straight from Perl may have been more problematic that earlier envisioned. It seems that a number of semantic differences in Perl's regular expressions and Javascript's rendered a few tests incorrect. So today was spent writing a small converter that takes my testcase files and converts them into Javascript for comparison with the Mozilla Spidermonkey engine. (It turns out that the Rhino engine can't seem to create enough locals to satisfy my generated testcode... :) It turns out that Perl and Javascript handle "backreferences" where no capturing parens exist (i.e. \3 given (a)|(b)) differently (Perl throws an error, Javascript treats it like a character escape).

/me loves tiny semantic differences that prevent code reuse. &sigh;

We're now down to failing 112 out of the 525 stolen test cases, down from 137 yesterday. That seems like progress to me.

And I even found some more specific issues to tackle next time I sit down to this insanity.

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May 12, 2004

RegExp Craziness

Decided to take a break from job hunting, and got down to the serious insanity of working on NJS's regular expression engine. Fixed a few problems with the way I was handling (and creating) CHARSET matchers; now both case-insensitive regexes and negated character classes work as expected. Not to mention that of the 525 tests stolen from the perl distribution, we now only fail 137 of them, down from 235.

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May 04, 2004

On the Dole...

Finally gave in and filed an unemployment claim in the aftermath of Cylant's evisceration of its dev staff. Even more fun is the fact that since I live in Washington and worked in Idaho, each state was pointing fingers at the other (Washington's online app didn't want to talk with me because I worked in Idaho for at least the past two years; Idaho's didn't want to talk with me because I was a resident of Washington). &sigh;

/me scurries off to hunt for gainful employ

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