March 08, 2004

A Hunting We Will Go

Had fun this afternoon trying to track down a used car at some car lots here. What with my financial situation, I've got only three constraints on the process:

  1. The car must run.
  2. The car must have automatic transmission.
  3. Spend no more than $1000.
You'd think that in a pair of college towns, that kind of car should be easy to find. Trust me, it's not. The closest I came today was a little 2-door Pontiac with manual transmission for $2000. Oh, well, time to start digging in the classifieds.

Also had a chance to stop by and have a little chat with some ex-cow-orkers from Cylant (gotta have that human contact...or the next best thing, in this case).

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March 06, 2004

blogtk 0.9-1-1 is NEW

The ftpmaster have accepted my new BloGTK packages into sid.


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