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Welcome to bbassett.net , my sign post on the Infobahn. I've got these resources available:
Information about the free operating system destined to rule the world.
Debian GNU/Linux is a distribution of Linux put together by a world-wide band of volunteers.
A powerful system for initializing IP Masquerading on Debian systems.
NJS is a JavaScript interpreter.
A GNOME applet for changing PCMCIA card schemes.
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Links related to email validation and scrubbing.
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What's New
Jun 1, 2001
Is it that time of the year already? bbassett.net is two years old.
May 3, 2001
Site updates: Altavista is discontinuing their affiliates program, so the search box is disappearing.
Jan 1, 2001
Welcome to the 21st century. (Don't you just love the wackiness caused by the Y2K hype?)
Jun 1, 2000
bbassett.net celebrates its one year anniversary.
Apr 22, 2000
Added GCardScheme page. Actually upload the website this time.
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